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Satta Number


{31} => [

05:05 am


{24} => [42]

06:00 pm


{53} => [90]

08:30 pm


{30} => [67]

11:15 pm


{19} => [23]

02:15 pm


{29} => [97]

03:05 pm


{15} => [88]

05:15 pm


{88} => [38]

05:30 pm


{31} => []

04:00 am


{47} => [05]

07:00 pm


{26} => [50]

07:30 pm


{81} => [60]

07:40 pm


{71} => [84]

10:15 pm


{51} => [91]

10:00 pm


{90} => [79]

03:15 pm


{73} => [11]

04:30 pm


{65} => [37]

03:10 pm


{08} => [14]

10:10 pm


{66} => [74]

03:00 pm


{43} => [22]

07:00 pm


{49} => [89]

10:30 pm


{36} => [55]

05:00 pm


{39} => [34]

02:40 pm


{63} => [69]

05:15 pm


{11} => []

11:50 pm

Satta Number Tips Today


Andar: 4 8 1 0

Bahar: 2 7 1 4

Haruf: 4 7 1

Jodi : 42 87 11 04


Andar: 4 9 1 0

Bahar: 2 4 1 8

Haruf: 8 4 1

Jodi : 42 94 11 08


Andar: 2 7 1 0

Bahar: 2 4 0 9

Haruf: 9 1 0

Jodi : 22 74 10 09


Andar: 4 7 1 8

Bahar: 2 8 1 7

Haruf: 1 7 8

Jodi : 42 78 11 87

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